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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pariah on the Web

I'm just back from a quick but great trip to New York. I spent the afternoon with my publicists touring bookstores and signing stock. Later the reading in the lower village at the Telephone Bar and Grill was a lot of fun. The place was packed, lots of good energy, kind of Bohemian atmosphere. And I enjoyed meeting Tim O'Mara who runs the literary reading program there, even though he is a Yankees and NY Giants fan. Hey, no one's perfect.

Okay, now for more Pariah on the WEB.

Hard Feelings is picking Pariah for their crime novel of the year.

Jack Quick over at BookBitch also has good things to say: Its noir, its satire, and its Boston that you don’t see on Cheers. Nicely done follow-up to SMALL CRIMES.

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