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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Boy Who Killed Demons "heartbreaking" Publishers Weekly, starred review

My upcoming The Boy Who Killed Demons (Oct. 16th) received the following starred review from Publishers Weekly: 

 Henry Dudlow is a boy with a terrible affliction. Either the world is about to be invaded by demons, or Henry has completely lost his mind. His efforts to find answers unfold in his diary, which holds the confidences of a young man isolated from his family and peers by an ability he can neither control nor deny. Henry’s conviction that the rising demon threat is real leads him to ever more dangerous behaviors, even as he connects with people who are sympathetic to his plight. Henry is denied the proof he needs to feel completely confident in his actions, and yet must continue to take action due to the terrible consequences his inaction could bring, so he bravely become something bad, in order to prevent something far worse. The sympathy that Zeltserman (Monster) invokes on behalf of Henry is heartbreaking, and readers will fully believe in both the madness and the greatness of his tragic young hero.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Giveaway going on now for THE BOY WHO KILLED DEMONS

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The Boy Who Killed Demons by Dave Zeltserman

The Boy Who Killed Demons

by Dave Zeltserman

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