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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Heathens of Crime Fiction

From the article 'Gut Check Fiction and the Heathens Who Are Writing It' by Patrick L. Ledford

"A heathen is a person who does not prescribe to conventional beliefs (i.e. “the norm). Zeltserman, Franklin, and Pizzolatto are straight up heathens, charging the norm like raging bulls. They have their own style and their own way of doing things. These authors stand out because of their poignant and charismatic writing. Their characters display the complexities of man and that sometimes it can be too late to make the right choice. They paint landscapes where harsh intent and bad intentions roam like buffalo. Do not settle for what the mainstream media is telling you to read. Instead, do a little research, push your limits and take a gander at the guys that are reinventing the mettle of fiction."

Read the entire article here.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing my article. I really enjoy your work.

Thanks again

Dave Zeltserman said...

Patrick, articles like yours and what I hear from readers is what keeps me writing. Thanks, man.