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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Introducing The Hunted and The Dame

The Hunted and The Dame are the first two ebooks in what I hope readers will find an exciting new novella series from me that mixes hardboiled crime with government conspiracy. Each of these are going to be between 85-110 pages long, which I think is the perfect length for Kindle reading.

The Richard Stark/Parker influence in these will be evident from the sparse prose, the crime heist in The Dame (and heists in future novellas), and the name of my anti-hero, Dan Willis (Parker's cover identity in the early books was Chuck Willis), and while I think Parker fans are going to enjoy these they're still very different. The government conspiracy running through these books will make them very different.


Matt said...

Hi Dave,

Hope it's cool if I make a small request. Feel free to ignore.

I'm a fan. The books look great. Love the idea. Excellent price. I'm not an e-book reader, but I'll buy these if that's the only format. All's well.

In the future, can we have more options other than Amazon? I don't know if you signed an exclusive. But if I can spread around my book-buying dollars so Mammon doesn't take all, that'd be rad. And more importantly, I'd prefer to own the more portable + versatile PDF or ePub instead of a company-licensed proprietary file.

That said, if you did sign a contract (a certain bargain perhaps? :), no worries. Just making my lil' request from the ethers.

And either way, I can't wait to read the books. Thanks for all the great stories.


Dave Zeltserman said...

Hi Matt,

I hear you. Amazon's new KDP Select program requires a 3 month exclusive, and gives authors like myself the best chance to sell ebooks, so I've got to go with that for now. I wouldn't worry about giving Amazon too much business. Books like mine are a drop in the ebook bucket. The real money is in the big named bestsellers, and B&N has 27% of the ebook business and continues to grow market share.


Matt said...

Hi Dave,

Thank you very much for replying. Okay, that makes sense. Just thought I'd ask. And I wanted to be sure I didn't miss any other options. I'll download the Kindle app tomorrow so I can start reading 'em.

Thanks again,