Monday, January 10, 2011

The trends continue

There are two trends now. The longer term trend is the one where folks are digging the hell out of Caretaker, and the latest example of this is the American Library Association shortlisting Caretaker for best horror book of 2010.

“The Dead Path” by Stephen M. Irwin, Doubleday (9780385533430)
Guilt-ridden Nicholas Close retreats to his family home in Australia after the tragic death of his wife, only to encounter an ancient malevolence lurking in the nearby woods. Childhood nightmares and fairytale motifs combine in this emotionally powerful tale of implacable evil. Arachnophobes beware!

Short List:
“The Caretaker of Lorne Field” by David Zeltserman, Overlook (9781590203033)
“The Frenzy Way” by Gregory Lamberson, Medallion Press (9781605421070)
“Horns” by Joe Hill, William Morrow (9780061147951)
“So Cold the River” by Michael Koryta, Little Brown (9780316053648)

The second that also seems to be going strong is folks digging Outsourced, which is leaking into stores now and is available from Amazon. Ron Clinton reviews it for Spintingler, summing up his review with:

"Zeltserman was employed in the software industry for twenty-two years, and this intimate familiarity adds an authenticity to the explosive drama of the novel and, in particular, to the IT engineers who struggle within its construct. The author’s mastery at characterization is as honed here as it’s ever been, and the narrative thrust displays furious cinematic pacing. Caper and heist novels of the sort exemplified by Lionel White and Richard Stark, respectively, have spurred a number of imitators throughout the decades, but few match the thrills present in Zeltserman’s contemporary offering. Highly recommended."


louisd said...

I really really really wanna read this but couldnt find it anywhere in Montreal(and the kindle version was a bit steep..14$) I bought Outsourced instead!!!

Dave Zeltserman said...

thanks, LouisD. Two completely different types of books, but most people seem to be finding Outsourced a fun read and I hope you like it.

louisd said...

Best book I've read since the Cold Kiss. Literally couldnt put it down.

Dave Zeltserman said...

LouisD, thanks! Wait until you try Pariah + Killer, and if you've got an e-reader, Blood Crimes.