Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie ratings to my books

I thought it might be helpful for folks to see what movie ratings my books would probably get:

Julius Katz Mysteries -- PG-13 for sly innuendos

The Caretaker of Lorne Field -- PG-13 for its horror atmosphere and thought provoking themes

A Killer's Essence (was Essence, out in the Fall by Overlook Press) -- PG-13, some horror (especially to Yankees fans as it dredges up many memories of the Yankees 2004 ALCS choke job), thought provoking themes

Bad Karma -- R, for sex, violence, and adult themes

Bad Thoughts -- R, for language, violence, gore and intense horror

Small Crimes -- R, language, nudity, violence, and adult themes

Outsourced -- R, violence and adult themes, misfit software engineers trying to rob a bank, scenes of extreme social awkwardness

Killer -- R, violence, adult themes

Fast Lane -- R, violence, sex, nudity, intense psychic meltdown, uncompromising deconstruction of hardboiled PI genre

Blood Crimes -- NC-17, violence, sex, nudity, intense horror, scenes of horrific nature

Pariah -- NC-17, violence, sex, language, intense adult themes, subversive social satire

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