Thursday, January 13, 2011

Software Engineers and Outsourced

From reviews in London Times, Financial Times, Morning Star, The Australian, and reader reaction, plus Booklist ("a small gem of crime fiction"), it's clear that fans of crime fiction--especially those of bank heist books, are going to really dig Outsourced, but my gut has always been from the moment I started working on this book that software engineers in particular are going to enjoy it as they see situations all too familiar to them unfold as well as identify themselves and their co-workers in Dan, Shrini, Gordon and Joel (and yes, I identify very strongly with one of them). I just found a small bit of confirmation for this when I discovered the following discussion started on Amazon:

"Fantastically written and a great yarn, I found this book hard to put down and would recommend it to anyone. But for me it was close to home: as an engineer, close to 30 years in the industry, the past 10 years in one company that went bust and didn't pay out to most employees .... I can relate to the poor ba*tards in this book! I can see many of my old colleagues in here - a great laugh, and a really entertaining story. Well done, Dave! Anyone else see themselves in this book?"

While I'd love to hear reaction from all readers, I'd particularly like to hear from software engineers and other technology professionals. Let me know what you think and whether you were able to recognize yourself and/or your co-workers in the motley group of misfit engineers populating Outsourced.

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