Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Readers digging Blood Crimes

I've been getting terrific early reaction from readers who've picked Blood Crimes. Here's what Dan Vanderkooi has to say on amazon:

If I would compare this to another Vampire series it would have to be the the Charlie Huston Joe Pitt casebooks. That was also a 5 book series, which I thought started out brilliantly but as a series was hit or miss and in the end did not deliver for me. Unlike that series, Blood Crimes easily stands on it's own and if Dave can keep packing the punches with the remaining books like he does here, this series is going to be a knockout! Another good comparison for me would be the From Dusk Til Dawn movies. I recommend to fans of those and really you just can't go wrong with the price, check it out!

I heard from Dan on Facebook, and Blood Crimes got him to read Caretaker, with Pariah next on his plate. Thanks Dan!


AL said...

I have Small Crimes on my TBR file. Looks good. Can't remember how I heard of it, but it was one of 4 books I bought myself for x-mas (Late Rain, Pike, and Blame were the other 3).

Dave Zeltserman said...

AL, I hope you like Small Crimes. In came out in '08 and got some nice attention with NPR picking it as one of the best crime and mystery books of the year, Washington Post also. It's kind of an ex-con's noirish journey for self-redemption, and is the first of my 'man out of prison' books. Pariah, the second, ups the ante quite a bit, and is about as fierce a crime novel as you're going to find.

AL said...

Read it on a flight I took earlier this week. Loved it. Poor Joe was the perfect loser cop in a bad spot. He is laughing all the way to hell.

I'm gonna get "Outsourced" for my Kindle for the flight home. I love the premise.