Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blood Crimes and 21 Tales

Jim Mcleod reviews Blood Crimes over at Ginger House of Nuts, and digs it:

Dave, has managed to meld the two genres of crime and horror into one one hell of a ride, PI's, crime lords, drug gangs, sultry babes and more low life scum than you can count all collide with explosive results in this genre bending master piece. If you like crime buy this book, if you like horror buy this book, if you like well written books, buy this book.

You can read Jim's entire review here.

Bruce Grossman over at Bookgasm reviews 21 Tales, saying:

I’ve become a big fan of Dave Zeltserman for one simple reason: The man can write. 21 TALES, a collection of his short stories, surely will satisfy the most die-hard fan, while also giving bite-size tastes to the unconverted. It’s broken down into five sections that range from the semi-autobiographical to the brutal, but are dark tales of noir.

You can read Bruce's entire review here.

I'd like to thank Bruce and Jim for reading and reviewing these books.

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