Friday, January 21, 2011

Julius Katz Mysteries coming

I'm in the process of bundling my two award-winning Julius Katz stories, 'Julius Katz' and 'Archie's Been Framed' as a $0.99 e-book--and this is available now at both Barnes&Noble and Smashwords. Since the Nook supports reloading an e-book from the Nook store, I've replaced the old 'Julius Katz' e-book that was there with this one, so anyone who had previously purchased 'Julius Katz' for their Nook can download this new version now for free. Same as with Smashwords. Amazon Kindle gets trickier. Since they don't have a reload feature and instead require the user to call customer service, what I'm doing there is removing my old 'Julius Katz' e-book and adding 'Julius Katz Mysteries'. It takes time for new new books to be added on Amazon's Kindle store, so this probably won't be available for a few more days.


David Cranmer said...

I really enjoyed both these stories, Dave.

And that's a sharp cover that reminds me a little of the new Nero Wolfe paperbacks.

Golden Spider said...

If these are available in print format, let me know and I'll put the information on the web site

I'll put the links to e-book and kindle formats, of course.


Carol, web mistress,