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Friday, February 4, 2011

Trend Continues with Outsourced!

The trend for readers and reviewers seriously digging Outsourced is continuing this week, with earlier this week the Nerd of Noir expressing his thoughts on Outsourced over at Spinetingler Magazine.

Naomi Johnson over at the Drowning Machine writes:

In only a couple of years, Dave Zeltserman has become one of my favorite "must read" authors. Outsourced, although written four years ago and just now being published in the US, proves not only that the man has talent, but consistently delivers a slam-bang story full of real-world complications. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

You can read Naomi's entire review here.

Author Paul Tremblay (whose The Little Sleep, No Sleep Till Wonderland, In the Mean Time are all must reads) writes at his blog:

Dave Zeltserman’s newest (yes, the prolific bastard puts out like three a year) is OUTSOURCED. It’s a crime/heist novel about Dan, a laid off software engineer. At 48 years old, his re-hire prospects are grim, and he’s slowly losing his sight (retinitis pigmentosa) to boot. Creeping ever closer to defaulting on his mortgage, and desperate to provide for his family, he schemes to rob a bank, or more specifically, to rob the safety deposit boxes that belong to a reputed Russian mobster. Dan gets a bunch of his has-been friends in on the clumsy yet clever caper, and stuff goes way wrong, quickly.

OUTSOURCED is brilliantly paced and reminiscent of A SIMPLE PLAN with the supposed non-criminals slowly descending into desperation and violence, and Zeltserman gives the characters (Dan, in particularly) a kind of heartbreaking vulnerability as well. Another great crime novel from Zeltserman.

If we’re all still around and reading books 20-30 years from now, I can totally envision the next generation of crime/noir readers–the ones discovering and raving about Chandler and Hammet–finding all of Zelterman’s books too, and greedily inhaling them.

The CompulsiveReader also reviews Outsourced, summing up the review:

Outsourced is a 24/7 novel, what some would call an all-nighter. It is one of those novels that you rush to finish, such is the pace at which the story is told. Rest assured, a compelling and compulsive read. You won’t want to subcontract this beauty out at all.

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