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Monday, February 7, 2011

"And not a lavender fop in sight! "

Jim and Carol are classic noir lovers on the run, like those in They Drive By Night, Theives Like Us,Badlands and Natural Born Killers. They’re trying to escape from Serena – a rich,vampire femme fatale – and Metcalf – an ex CIA hit man who performs experiments on vampires in an underground laboratory. Throw a world weary Private Eye and a biker gang into the mix and you have a really well written, blood splattered and very cinematic page turner that fans of From Dusk Till Dawn and Near Dark will love. And not a lavender fop in sight!

I'd like to thank Paul Brazill for reviewing Blood Crimes at his blog. And Paul is very right. Blood Crimes is not your teenage daughter vampire angst novel. Far from it.

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Paul D. Brazill said...

Glad you enjoyed it!

There really isn't a reason in the world why Blood Crimes isn't made into a film.