Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Outsourced and Julius Katz Mysteries

Outsourced is a f*cking blockbuster of a novel, the type of book that you cancel plans for, even if said plans were to drop ecstasy in a snowbound cabin with a dead ringer for Christina Hendricks. Okay, that last bit might be pushing it, but you’d at least pack Outsourced with you so you’d have something to do between rounds of furious rumpy-and/or-pumpy. The Nerd has certainly not been shy with affection for Dave Zeltserman’s work in the past, but this is the book that, if we live in a just world, should give him the audience of a Don Winslow or a Dennis Lehane.

The Nerd of Noir in his own inimitable way shows his love for Outsourced over at Spinetingler Magazine. You can read the Nerd's brilliantly potty-mouthed review here, where he laces his review with more profanity than I think I have in the whole book! Delicate-minded readers have been warned. But I love the Nerd's reviews, and not just because they're fun as hell to read, or because so far he has dug all my books, but he's a damned good reviewer who gets at the heart of the matter with his reviews. He's one of the reviewers out there I trust to give me an honest, insightful review.

Jen Forbus over at Jen's Book Thoughts kindly let me guest blog today about Julius Katz Mysteries, how Julius Katz pays a generous tip of the cap to Nero Wolfe, why readers like Julius but love Archie. I've already gotten email from Archie about the last part, and how he's going to use that last part to get under Julius's skin later today.

So the big question, would Julius like Outsourced? Archie gave me the answer to that his email, letting me know that Julius read the book through, and let a slight smile grace his lips before nodding his approval at the end.

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