Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Poisoned Pen on Outsourced

Patrick Milliken reviews Outsourced for Poisoned Pen's Newsletter, saying "I've been crazy about Dave Zeltserman's books since the beginning; Fast Lane was an early Hardboiled Pick. His trilogy of Small Crimes, Pariah, and Killer should be indispensable to the reading list of any follower of modern noir fiction. This latest book simply kicks ass and is one of the most fun and twisted reads I've had in ages. His protagonist is a middle-aged software engineer who has been out of work for over a year as work is outsourced. Slowly going blind from a rare eye disease, he faces a dim (no pun intended) future in his field. But you see, Dan has a plan: he helped design the security system for a bank (the same bank which outsourced the coding work to India), and with the help of a rag tag assortment of fellow out-of-work IT guys he plans the perfect heist. Naturally, it all goes horribly wrong very quickly..."

I'm going to be at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale on Feb. 15th, so why not call them now and preorder a signed copy? And while you're at it, why not also order the newly released paperback version of Roger Smith's Wake Up Dead? Or Paul Tremblay's terrific Next Stop Till Wonderland? Or Nic Pizzolatto's Edgar nominated and must-read crime thriller debut, Galveston? Or if not from Poisoned Pen, how about another terrific indie bookstore, like Brookline Booksmith (where I'll be 2/2) or Back Page Books (3/24)? Or Bookem Bookstore in Pasadena (2/19)? Or Kingdom Books in Vermont (who have probably all my books autographed and have been one of my biggest supporters--and I'll be there sometime this Spring)? If there was ever a book that screamed that it needs to be bought at an indie bookstore, it's Outsourced with it's theme of middle-class lives being destroyed by large corporations and their bottom-line policies.

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