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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The trend confirmed

A consistent trend developed last year with The Caretaker of Lorne Field, and now the same trend has been confirmed with Outsourced with over 20 reviewers seriously digging the book, and every email I've been getting from readers enthusiastically sharing these same sentiments. The latest reviewer to dig Outsourced is DIG Boston, although the book's title and its unfortunate overlap with the NBC sitcom kept the reviewer from picking up the book for a while (note. I wrote Outsourced in 2004 long before that sitcom was even a gleam in any NBC executive's eye). So if you want to read a bank heist book that just about everyone is calling "a nifty piece neo-noir", "a small gem of crime fiction" or "a fast, lightening-paced read" Outsourced is your book!!

Can you imagine getting drunk with Jim Thompson, O Henry and Roald Dahl? Can you imagine the rush, the laughs and the chills?

21 Tales has picked up yet another sterling review, this one from Paul Brazill over at Pulp Metal Magazine. Thanks Paul!

The nature of the beast is that since I'm putting out Blood Crimes myself as an e-book original, it's going to get far less reviews than my other books, but the emails I'm getting from readers have all been the same--they're blown away by Blood Crimes. So if you want to check out my most noir and wildest thrill ride of a book and one of the most unusual takes on the vampire genre you'll ever find, you can buy Blood Crimes for $2.99 from either Amazon, B&N or Smashwords.

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