Wednesday, May 18, 2011

“Why not shoot all your clients then?”

In Julius Katz and Archie, Julius facetiously asks one of the murder suspects this question, a literary agent. The agent's response:

Marriston pursed his lips as he mused on that. “Not a bad idea,” he said. “But that’s only if I could shoot them with impunity. One or two of them I’d spare, the rest I wouldn’t shed too many tears over. Let me explain to you about writers. There are a few normal ones in the mix, but the majority have the most fragile, bruised egos you could imagine. Maybe it comes from all the rejection they have to suffer, especially since in their minds they’re such delicate geniuses. I’m not exactly sure why so many are like that, but Ken was the worst. A preening prima donna when things were going well, and an absolute misery when things started to fade on him.”

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Doug Levin said...

Wait a minute... "fragile, bruised egos... in their minds they're such delicate geniuses... a preening prima donna... and an absolute misery." Dave -- I think your character is talking about me (though I try to conceal all these character flaws).