Sunday, May 15, 2011

Julius Katz and Archie -- the results are in!

The first full-length Julius Katz mystery novel, Julius Katz and Archie, is now available as a $2.99 Kindle or Nook download, and the results are in--and not just from Bill Crider, Naomi Hirahara, Paul Levine, Roger Smith, Ed Gorman and Paul Brazill, who all chose to blurb or review it, but also a dozen other early readers: If you like the award-winning stories, you'll love the novel!

Julius Katz and Archie are back, along with Lily Rosten, Detective Cramer, Tom Durkin and Saul Penzer in this charming new mystery, and the stakes have never been higher--both with the poker game Julius engages in and a murder investigation that he finds himself in the middle of.

With this book I hate providing any excerpts since I don't want to give any of the story away, but here's a short excerpt where Archie is commenting on Cramer's recent behavior:

“Watch yourself, Katz,” he warned, and then he turned to leave. Julius didn’t bother getting up. He stayed seated at his Coraille granite island counter and picked up his coffee cup so he could take several sips. While he did this, his stare shifted away from the homicide detective. I made sure Cramer removed himself from the townhouse without causing any trouble. Once the front door slammed shut behind him, I informed Julius that his guest had left his home.

“The man’s a fool,” Julius said.

“Possibly,” I said. “I’m guessing he’s too in awe of your genius to act properly in your presence. Still, though, someone needs to tell him you can catch more flies with honey than with what he’s using, which I have to admit is a little surprising because what he was tossing around usually does attract flies also. Maybe I’ll give him a call later and try to help the poor guy out.”

Julius made a face at that but didn’t bother to respond.

“You intimidate him almost to tears. You know that, right?”

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