Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Smashing review for Julius and Archie, blog touring for Dying Memories

My first full-length Julius Katz novel, Julius Katz and Archie, has been getting a tremendous response from early readers, and today Paul Brazill wrote a smashing review for it, summing up his review with the following:

"I’ll say no more but rest assured this is another zesty page turner choc full of smart twists, colourful characters and laugh out loud moments. Katz is a great creation and he and Archie, the heart of the book, are a smashing team."

Also, yesterday I started blog touring for Dying Memories. This is a fun book, one that I think both my readers and thriller readers in general will like. Here are my first two blog appearances for it:

My interview at Beyond the Books

My interview at Blog Critics

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