Monday, May 23, 2011

All About Julius!

Julius Katz gets a nuce endorsement from the Wolfe Pack

This intriguing mystery series evidences some similarities to Rex Stout's detective pair, Nero & Archie, but only some. This modern-day duo from Boston's Beacon Hill, are well worth a try. One of the more striking similarities is the humor evoked by first person narrator, Archie Smith.

Some people reading this might wonder if you need to have read Nero Wolfe to appreciate 'Julius Katz and Archie'. My experience with both the short stories and the novel is not at all. Fans of Nero Wolfe enjoy Julius Katz (and especially Archie), but readers unfamiliar with Nero Wolfe but familiar with Sherlock Holmes also tend to enjoy this series a lot, thinking Julius and Archie are a modern day Sherlock and Watson. And readers who haven't read either Nero Wolfe or Sherlock Holmes also tend to like it a lot. So what it comes down to is if you like mysteries, you're probably going to like my Julius Katz mysteries.

'Julius Katz and Archie' also gets a very nice review from Joe Barone.

In other words, this book is just good fun with a lot of clues and enjoyable characters.

And finally, I have a blog post over at Patti Abbott's blog explaining how I came about writing my first Julius Katz story.

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