Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reasons to get '21 Tales'

Some reasons to get the print, kindle or Nook versions of 21 Tales:

1) You've read or are planning to read my crime noir novel, Small Crimes, which topped NPR's list of best crime and mystery novel of 2008, as well as making the Washington Post's best books of 2008, then you want to read 21 Tales for the Manny Vassey stories. Manny Vassey is a dying mobster who's at the heart of Small Crimes, but he also appeared in several of my early crime stories, which have been collected in 21 Tales.

2) 21 Tales has a pre-'Fast Lane' Johnny Lane story, where you get to see Johnny Lane at a time where he gets to play the Lew Archer-type PI he always dreamed of playing.

3) If you've been enjoying my Julius Katz stories, then you want to read my Pete Mitchel stories to see the origins of Julius. While I originally wrote 'Julius Katz' for the Black Orchid contest as a tribute to Nero Wolfe, there's every bit as much of the DNA from my con man, Pete Mitchel, in Julius, as there is from Nero Wolfe.

4) If you've been enjoying my stories in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine or other publications, you'll enjoy 21 Tales as the stories range from light + humorous con man stories to the darkest noir.

5) Authors Tom Piccirilli, Paul Tremblay, Roger Smith, Vicki Hendricks, Ed Gorman and Lynn Kostoff have all spoken up about how much they like 21 Tales. New Magazine has called 21 Tales 'inventively depraved'. Bookgasm wrote 'I’ve become a big fan of Dave Zeltserman for one simple reason: The man can write. 21 TALES, a collection of his short stories, surely will satisfy the most die-hard fan, while also giving bite-size tastes to the unconverted.'

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