Friday, December 9, 2011

Over 30,000 Juliuses

Since making JULIUS KATZ MYSTERIES free on Amazon I've had 30,000 Kindle downloads. I was originally hoping to get around 20-25K downloads, and it did start petering out around 25K, but then a week ago Pixel of Ink gave it a mention, and that caused another relatively quick burst of 5000 downloads. So now the big question is how many of these free downloads are going to get read? If enough do, it should generate enough sales of JULIUS KATZ AND ARCHIE to allow me to start working on the next Julius Katz novel, if not, I'll keep writing Julius Katz short stories for Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, so Julius Katz will continue in one form or another. The next Julius Katz story, ONE ANGRY JULIUS, will be appearing in the June issue of Ellery Queen (out in March), and sometime later, ARCHIE SOLVES THE CASE will also be appearing.

If you're a fan of Julius and Archie and would like to see another novel, you can help by leaving a review on Amazon and/or spreading the word elsewhere. In this day of ebooks, this type of support is critical from readers.

One thing I've learned during this process--if you use Smashwords, always opt out from distributing to Kobo. For several weeks I've been trying to get the price of JULIUS KATZ MYSTERIES set on Amazon to $1.99, but I can't because the price is still set to $0.00 on Kobo. Weeks ago I opted out on Smashwords to remove JULIUS KATZ MYSTERIES from Kobo, but it's still there, still with an old cover from probably 6 months ago, which also shows Kobo isn't picking up updates from Smashwords.

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