Sunday, April 24, 2011

Outsourced, Blood Crimes & Dying Memories on the Web

"This book is a must for any collection of caper crime fiction, that time-honored genre that inspires snorts of laughter tucked between groans of disgust and the urge to call out, "No, don't do it!" Dan Wilson and his ill-timed venture into crime are totally engrossing, totally memorable, and oh, so very unfortunate."

Thanks Kingdom Books! Read their review of Outsourced here.

David Cramner over at The Education of a Pulp Writer gives Bloods Crimes the following one-sentence review: BLOOD CRIMES is a fast-moving, masterfully written, first-rate vampire tale for the intellectual set.

I'd like to thank David for that. I think my one sentence wrap-up for Blood Crimes would be: The anti-Twilight--vampires in a noir universe, and overflowing with sex, violence and extreme horror.

"DYING MEMORIES put me in mind of such great psychological thrillers as The Manchurian Candidate, Three Days of the Condor, and even Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The novel has a distinct 1970's, Cold War feel to it. Whether or not Zeltserman intended to give that impression, I don't know. But for this reader, it worked."

I'd like to thank Andrew Leonard over at The Man Eating Bookworm for his review of Dying Memories.

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