Friday, April 1, 2011

A Killer Day

Spinetinger Magazine nominations came out yesterday, and I was pleased to see Roger Smith's Wake Up Dead nominated for best crime novel from a new voice. Wake Up Dead was one of my favorite novels last year, but I suspect after folks read Roger's latest, Dust Devils, he'll be moving quickly into Spinetinger's Legend category.

My '21 Tales' was also nominated for best collection, as well as Ed Gorman's far more deserving, Noir 13. I finished Noir 13 a couple of weeks ago, and it's just a great collection. All the stories are strong ones, but my favorites are: The Baby Store (also in the Top Suspense anthology), Flying Solo, The Long Way, Rafferty' Comeback, and That Day at Eagle's Point (my favorite). Fellow Top Suspense author, Bill Crider, also has his Damn Near Dead II nominated for best anthology.

Killer also got a nomination for best crime novel from a rising star, as did Charlie Stella's Johnny Porno (which should've also been nominated for best cover!).

And to make this an especially Killer day, here's a new review from a reader just discovering me, and who sums up his or her review: It also has the real sign of a good read – I’ve found myself thinking about the story days after I finished it.

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Mack said...

Dave, I'm reading Dust Devils now and I agree that Roger will be moving into legend category. As much as I loved Mixed blood and Wake Up Dead, Dust Devils is in a different category entirely and his best work so far.