Friday, March 4, 2011

Julius Katz versus Blood Crimes

Julius Katz Mysteries and Blood Crimes are very different. I won't say they're polar opposites--for that to be true my JKM stories would have to be cozies, and they're not, at least no more than Nero Wolfe books could be considered cozies. While the stories making up my Julius Katz Mysteries are lighthearted and charming, there's still a hard-boiled edge to them. But they're still very different than the violent, noirish thrill ride that's Blood Crimes. The one thing that these two e-books have in common is the strong and very positive reaction I'm getting from readers, and this has been across the board. The latest review for Julius Katz Mysteries came from Wendy at Minding Spot, where she sums up her review:

There are two suspenseful reads in Julius Katz Mysteries, and even though Julius and Archie may be working the same case, they come at it from different perspectives. Archie may have a revelation, and so may Julius, but Julius is constantly surprising Archie - whose probability is almost never wrong. A dynamic duo that I would love to read more adventures of. The characters are so multi-dimensional, you can envision them in your mind, with quirks and antics that give them a life of their own. Mr. Zeltserman pens a superb mystery; I couldn't figure out who the culprit was until Julius and Archie led me to them. Absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend this series to any mystery suspense reader. Julius and Archie remind me a bit of all of the great sleuths, but uniquely their own.

I'm getting this same enthusiastic reaction from readers for Blood Crimes, where readers are emailing about how they had no interest with anything vampires, at least until reading Blood Crimes. Here are some of the comments readers have been emailing me or telling me on message boards:

"I just started it and I think it's great, Dave. The narrative really propels the reader forward like a missile."

"Hey, Dave. Finished the 1st installment of BLOOD CRIMES and loved it. Very cinematic, great plotting"

"read Blood Crimes, loved it and can't wait for the next one. I'm not a vampire fan really, but between it and American Vampire I may have to change my mind"

"I finished the book last night. I thought it was well-written and an extremely fun book to read. My only gripe is that the ending absolutely forces you to wait for the next book. I've just got a "thing" about that... I will definitely buy the follow-up when it's released though..."

"I really liked this book. The flow was great and kept me interested. I don't know how many times I have started a book and it hasn't been able to keep my attention. Even with my Nook dying on Friday night, I had to finish this book so I jumped on my laptop all weekend"

"cannot wait until the follow up book. This is definitely a different breed of vampire than I have seen reflected before. There is nothing romantic about it and more closely to a horror/mystery style novel"

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