Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Killer Confession

The idea for Killer was inspired by hitman John Martorano killing 19 people and being able to strike a deal for a ridiculously lenient 14 year sentence in exchange for testifying against Whitey Bulger. While that was the inspiration for Killer, I purposely didn't research Martorano for several reasons, including that I didn't think it would lead to the type of book I wanted to write (I wanted my hitman Leonard March to have significantly more depth to him than little I had read about Martorano) and I didn't think it would be respectful to his victims. So instead from that initial seed of inspiration a fully fictional story was born. What strikes me now when I read Martorano's testimony in the Whitey Bulger trial is how similar Martorano's crimes were to the ones committed by my fictional Leonard March.

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