Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Angry Julius free + 2 reviews

One Angry Julius & Other Stories is free as a kindle download for the next 3 days, and as luck would have it Must Read Mysteries has put out a review today of a dozen favorite crime and mystery titles that includes  One Angry Julius, my Hunted novellas, and Roger Smith's fantastically great Dust Devils.

As well as the latest Julius Katz story, One Angry Julius & Eleven Befuddled Jurors, my Thriller Award nominated story, A Hostage Situation and 4 other crime stories are included in this volume, as well as the first chapter of my soon to be released (only 3 weeks away!) Monster--A Novel of Frankenstein. Since I'm currently happily deluding myself that if anyone reads the first chapter of Monster they'll be willing to burn down bookstores if necessary to read the rest of this book (well, maybe I'm exaggerating in my delusions--maybe not actually commit felonies, but at least be willing to take a trip to their local bookstore...) I'd like to see One Angry Julius get downloaded to as many kindles as possible. If folks can help spread the word about this, it would be much appreciated!


Tim Mayer said...

Just did a review:

Dave Zeltserman said...

Thanks, Tim. I'm glad you like the collection!