Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In this month's Ellery Queen

This month Ellery Queen publishes my short story, Some People Deserve to Die, which is probably my favorite of my short fiction. This is how Ellery Queen describes the story on their website:

If you're looking for something contemporary and edgy, we've got that too: Dave Zeltserman is becoming one of the modern masters of the noir story and in his tale for us this month, "Some People Deserve to Die," he combines tough prose with an ironic twist, as the investigation of the murder of an immigrant from India uncovers some unsavory family matters.

I think most writers have favorites among their works. For me with my short fiction, there are certain elements about different stories that I'm proud of. With 'More Than a Scam' it's a certain time and emotional shift that I pull off, with 'Closing Time' it's using this jovial tone to mask a very dark story underneath, with 'Julius Katz' and 'Archie's Been Framed' it's the way both stories flow and ultimately work, with 'Money Run' it's the quadruple cross that my hero ultimately pulls off on himself, with my upcoming story in Ellery Queen, 'A Hostage Situation', it's the way I pull the rug out from just about every reader, and with 'Some People Deserve to Die' it's the tone and a slight twist at the end.

I also have my favorites among my novels, but I'll keep that to myself other than saying my upcoming crime thriller, 'A Killer's Essence', is among my favorites, and along with Killer and 'Julius Katz and Archie', one of my 3 best crime novels, with all three of them being very different from each other. Killer being a contemporary noir thriller, 'A Killer's Essence' a crime thriller with a paranormal element (and where I get to have a lot of fun at the NY Yankees expense), and 'Julius Katz and Archie' a charming and humor-filled traditional mystery with probably the most unusual detective sidekick in the history of the genre.

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