Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thanks are in order!

I'd like to thank every reader, critic and book reviewer who took the time to read Pariah. I know there's a ton of choices out there and I'm very grateful when a reader is willing to give one of my books a try. It's gratifying as a writer when your book connects strongly with a reader, and it was extremely gratifying to see Pariah make these best book lists:

Washington Post Best Books of 2009, saying, 'A doozy of a doom-laden crime story that not only makes merry with the justice system but also satirizes the publishing industry."

Barnes & Noble Review Best Books of 2009 Notable

Bookgasm's best crime novel of 2009, with Bruce Grossman saying, 'Taking the top spot for the second year in a row is Zeltserman, in the follow-up to last year’s SMALL CRIMES. To say this surpassed that is an understatement. It’s a great ride from a writer who is truly becoming the crime voice of Boston. Screw you, Lehane.'

Independent Crime's Best Books of 2009, with Nathan Cain saying, 'Pariah, was great. It was pretty much perfect in every respect. You can't ask for more than perfection, can you?'

Book Critic Chauncey Mabe's Best Books of 2009 and Best Crime Novels of 2009, saying of Pariah, 'Twisted, propulsive and hilarious'

Crime Thriller Writer Roger Smith's Best Five Crime Novels of 2009

Vince Keenan's Best Books of 2009

Lazy Thoughts from a Boomer, Best of 2009--both Pariah and Small Crimes

Hard Feelings, with David Szulkin making Pariah his crime novel pick of the year.

BSC Review, with Pariah making Keith Rawson's Top 10 crime novels, saying, 'Darker than dark and grittier than a mouthful of graveyard dirt, Pariah is Zeltserman’s strongest novel to date and is so much more than a simple gangster novel. Pariah is a true page turner that solidifies Zeltserman’s position as one of the very best novelists working today.'

Also at BSC Review, with Pariah making the Nerd of Noir's Top 10, saying, 'With Small Crimes and now Pariah, Dave Zeltserman is shaping up as one of the most fearless writers in crime fiction. Reading Pariah, the reader gets that glorious, horrifying sensation that literally fucking anything could happen. By the time you get to the fuck-the-world finale, it’s clear that Zeltserman could give a shit about playing by the rules.'

And Killer, while not out until next year, still making Paul Brazill's Best Crime Fiction of 2009 list.


Paul D. Brazill said...

The pleasure was all mine Dave.

Anonymous said...

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