Saturday, September 26, 2009

Keeping score: Book locations

With a total of 9 books either published or scheduled to be published, I thought I'd keep score of the locations where each book takes place. Below I've listed my books in the order they were written along with their US publication dates.

Fast Lane (2004): Denver, Colorado

Bad Thoughts (2007): Brookline, Cambridge and Boston.

Small Crimes (2008): fictional Bradley, Vermont

Outsourced (10/2010): numerous locations around Boston, primarily Lynn, MA and New Hampshire

Bad Karma (10/2009): Boulder, Colorado

Caretaker of Lorne Field (Summer, 2010): unnamed small New England town

Pariah (10/2009): primarily South Boston, Brighton, Newton, New York, Scotland, and especially New Hampshire

Essence (2011): New York

Killer (5/2010): primarily Waltham MA, but also Charlestown, Revere and Winthrop

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