Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a couple of new Pariah web reviews

A couple of new web reviews for Pariah have just shown up.

On Bookgasm, Bruce Grossman say:

"Following up the critically acclaimed SMALL CRIMES, Dave Zeltserman had to prove that book was not some sort of fluke. PARIAH proves that CRIMES was no fluke, even surpassing that previous novel in leaps and bounds, to the point that Zeltserman should be considered the new king of Boston crime. In my eyes, the last writer who held that title was George V. Higgins."

You can read Bruce's complete review here.

The NerdOfNoir in his typical excitable entertaining flair, which involves dropping more than enough F-bombs in his review to get himself banned for life from Saturday Night Live, and drops maybe even more than I do in the book (well, maybe not, but I had 288 pages to deal with!) says the following over at BSC Review:

"If the major newspapers and critics have any balls at all, this will be on their top ten lists – and not in some sub-category like “Best Mystery Novel” or some condescending bullshit list like that. This is the real deal, dear readers. Go fucking get yourself a taste."

You can read the Nerd's complete review here.

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