Tuesday, April 7, 2009

From the Harvard Coop

The above picture was taken by a friend last night at the Harvard Coop, where I had a reading event which was a lot of fun. As with the Brookline Booksmith, the person organizing it was extremely well prepared, and the people working there are not only book lovers, but they had read Small Crimes and were fans. Add in dinner at Henrietta's Table, and all in all, a very nice night. And it didn't hurt to see that the Yankees and their $370 mil payroll get smoked in their season opener!


David Cranmer said...

It sounds like you had a great evening and congrats on the success of the book. (I'm leaving my first comment here as you knock my beloved Yankees.)

Leigh Russell said...

Well done on your amazing evening.
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Dave Zeltserman said...

David, thanks, although still looking forward to the Yankees and their gazillion dollar payroll falling flat on their collective faces.

Leigh, I'm amazed that A No Exit Press book can't get into amazon.co.uk's system. Your publisher has been unable to fix this? What reason has your publisher been giving you for this?

charlie stella said...

Never one to defend the dreaded skankies, but which team had 8 and which had 2 out in Oakland last night?

The Harvard thing looked cool, New England Cheaterface fan ... I'm still trying to get my books in the Staten Island Community College.

The countdown begins ... My beloved new york state buffalo bills and your new england cheaterfaces ... Moss vs. TO ... Edwards vs. that other guy married to the hot model ... Kraft (as in crafty) vs. Wilson (as in as old as Woodrow) ... Sunday (or is it Monday?) nights will never be the same.

Go Bills. Go Mets. (how's that for two chokers?) ... Go anything but Skankies and/or Cheaterfaces

Dave Zeltserman said...

Charlie, WTF are you doing here trying to stir up trouble? JD Rhoades ban you from his blog??

Hey, it's early, and besides the Sox are the good guys, Yankees are the evil empire. All of baseball can only rejoice when the Yankies suffer any setbacks.

And about your Bills, please. They'd be lucky to beat a good high school team. ITs' going to be ugly when the Pats toy with them the way a cat does a wounded bird.

charlie stella said...

Dave wrote: Charlie, WTF are you doing here trying to stir up trouble? JD Rhoades ban you from his blog??I am a shit stirrer ... and I love it when I'm accused of being a wingnut ... davey 3x's over at his blog calls me the house anarchist ... he's got it closer to the truth.

But who could resist stirring the pot with Hahvahd types?

The Bills will win 4 games this year (the ones that count) ... 2 against the Y-E-T-S, Yets, Yets, Yets and two against the Cheaterfaces. How sure am I?

Mortgage the house on it (your house).

Dave Zeltserman said...

Charlie, here's what we in Boston think about such heresy as the Bill's having a snowball's chance against the Pats:


Although the Bill's do have a shot against the pathetic Jets.