Thursday, April 23, 2009

Book scorecard

All of a sudden I've got a bunch of books coming out--6 in total over the next 2 years, and with some luck maybe a couple more (although those would have to be with pseudonyms). Here's a quick rundown:

Pariah (Oct. 09, Serpent's Tail)--This is the second of my loosely themed "man out of prison" crime noir novels, and probably the one I'm most excited about. It's definitely the most explosive book I've written, as well as the most subversive.

Bad Karma (Oct. 09, Five Star)--Sequel to Bad Thoughts, although instead of being the grim and weird mix of horror and crime that Bad Thoughts was, this one is a hardboiled PI set in Boulder, Colorado, with some quirky new age aspects to it.

Killer (Jan. 10 (UK), Serpent's Tail)--The third of my "man out of prison" crime noir novels. Existential noir.

28 Minutes (July 10 (UK), Serpent's Tail)--My bank heist thriller that's been optioned to Impact Pictures and Constantin Film Development. The US publisher for this one is still being worked out.

Caretaker of Lorne Field (Overlook Press)--This one's an allegorical novel, written as a mix of noir, sci-fi, and horror. A caretaker believes if he doesn't weed a field every day the world will end. Either he's insane or he knows something no one else does.

Essence (Overlook Press)--Gritty crime noir with supernatural elements. The book is placed in Brooklyn and Manhattan, with the time frame for most of the book centered around the 2004 ALCS Red Sox--Yankees playoffs, with the Yankees choke job (the worst in the history of professional sports??) seen through the eyes of a Yankees fan.


Anonymous said...

Great news, Dave, good luck with the lot!

Corey Wilde said...

With all the bad news I've been seeing about good authors not getting their next books published, it's good to read about one who is. And I am really looking forward to reading 'Pariah.'

Dave Zeltserman said...

Rafe, thanks, and good luck with your latest also.

Corey, I'm hearing the same about the large corporate NY houses retrenching and mostly only buying celebrity books, big names, and vampires. Both Serpent's Tail and Overlook are highly respected independent publishers, and I think they both have the same more "old-fashioned" approach where they look to publish books they believe in as opposed to chasing after what is being considered "commercially viable". I think this time of panic and retrenchment among these large corporate publishers could be a real boon for these independents (including Bitter Lemon and Quercus) who are going about their business trying to buy high quality books.