Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Small Crimes on the web

Kingdom Books in Vermont gives Small Crimes a nice writeup in their latest blog entry. I met the owners a month ago at Kate's Mystery Bookstore's Holiday Party, and had a fun time talking crime fiction with David Kanell. David has since read both Small Crimes and Pariah, and sometime in either the Spring or Summer I'll be traveling up to Vermont for a reading at his store.

Corey Wilde also gives Small Crimes the treatment over on his blog, The Drowning Machine, writing both a very flattering review and what I consider a superlative synopsis. I should be hiring Corey to write the back cover copy for my books!


Corey Wilde said...

Hey, say the word!

Dave Zeltserman said...

Corey, I'm lousy at summarizing my books. Could've used you for the back cover copy for a PI novel I have coming out next year. The copy I ended up with was pretty lame.