Monday, August 11, 2008

Adrenaline on CrimeWav

Adrenaline is now available as a free podcast on Seth Harwood's cool crime fiction podcast site, CrimeWav. Adrenaline was originally published in Out of the Gutter #3, and Rod Lott over at Bookgasm had the following to say about the story when he was reviewing the magazine:

"Another great one is “Adrenaline” by Dave Zeltserman. His antihero narrator – formerly of Special Forces – refuses to tell his gang the whereabouts of $800,000 he’s absconded with, despite having his fingernails removed via pliers and other increasingly painful atrocities. He uses his knowledge of the cash as a bargaining chip to pit the guys against one another, and the reveal at the end is terrific."

This is a violent pulp story, as you can probably tell from Rod's review, but it's one I think fans of pulp crime fiction will like.

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