Wednesday, August 6, 2008

about time I did this

With the help of my wife's cousin, talented artist and good friend, Laurie Pzena, I've finally put together my author's web-site at Right now this is sharing the same web-site as Hardluck Stories, but by clicking on the Hardluck Stories logo, people can get to the last issue and archives. On Oct. 1st, I'll be removing all Hardluck Stories pages at that time.

Anyway, this probably explains why I've been slipping on my lessons learned from the trenches, but expect a new one next Wednesday.


Graham Powell said...

You sure someone won't confuse your site with Davez Eltserman's?

(The classic of this form was the Pen Island web site.)

Dave Zeltserman said...

Graham, I think I'll take that chance!