Thursday, April 17, 2008

synchronicity with the Universe

There are these times when things happen... A few of these...

First and only time I'm driving through Winslow, Arizona and as I hit downtown the Eagles song, "Take It Easy" (the ones with the lyrics: Well, I'm a standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona and such a fine sight to see), comes on over the radio. Now it's possible that song was played on that station every half hour to catch travelers, but still it made me smile.

Years ago my wife and I are driving through Cambridge, MA. My wife's behind the wheel, takes what turns out to be an illegal left-turn (sign is way up in the air and obscured by tree branches), and a cop pulls us over. At the time my wife's driving a beatup VW Rabbit and it probably doesn't look like we could afford a ticket (and at the time we couldn't). The cop tells my wife that he's guessing she took that illegal left turn because she must of got lost. My wife, who can be stubborn, starts arguing that she didn't see the sign because it was hidden in the trees. The cop interrupts her, telling her how it doesn't look like she can afford a $100 dollar ticket (or whatever it was) so she must of got lost, at which point my wife agrees that she must of got lost. First song that starts playing as we drive away is J. Geils Band "Must of got lost"--and that was the first time we'd heard that song played on the radio in years.

I went to the University of Colorado for my undergraduate degree, and every 3-4 years my wife and I travel back to visit friends, hike Rocky Mountain National Park, etc. I'd lost touch with a close friend of mine out there, and didn't know how to reach him to let him know that I was going to be in Boulder. Every morning while we were out there, my wife and I are waking up around 8:30 or so. One morning I drag her out of bed at 7, and then drag her to the Trident Coffee House & bookstore for breakfast (first time that trip we went there). Waiting in a line outside the Trident Bookstore is my friend. He's living in Denver at the time, and it was his frist trip in months to Boulder.

Anyone have any of their own moments of synchronicity with the universe they'd like to share?

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pattinase (abbott) said...

We're in a tiny, cheap hotel (12 rooms) in the south of France. We hear people speaking English at the checkin. After not hearing much English for a few weeks, we sidled up. Turns out the couple lives half a mile from us in Michigan and he teaches math at the same university where my husband teached PS. Yikes.