Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My first podcast and other news

My first podcast, Dark Crime Fiction, Volume 1 can be found as an MP3 at:


and at the iTunes store at:


This first volume is made up of my three bogusly autobiographical "life in writer's hell" stories: More Than a Scam, Flies, She Stole My Fortune! -- and is about 40 minutes long. Each future volume will be made up of equally dark crime fiction, both previously published and original. What I've learned doing this is (1) I need a better microphone (2) there's definitely a learning curve to this stuff, especially in building the rss file that iTunes needs (and in knowing that you need a professional microphone!). If anyone has suggestions on where and how to advertise crime fiction podcasts, please let me know!

Now for some news--Five Star will be publishing the sequel to Bad Thoughts, Bad Karma, Fall of 2009. While Bad Thoughts is kind of a grim and odd mix of horror and crime, Bad Karma fits squarely in the hardboiled PI genre, although with a new age twist. I think it's a fun book, my wife's favorite, and the one that I've been saving to dedicate to her.

Other news--I just had my first novella accepted by Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. More about this later.


Mystery Dawg said...

Very cool. Enjoyed listening to this.

What is your set up?

Dave Zeltserman said...

Hey Aldo, pretty low rent right now--a cheap microphone that I had lying around, and I downloaded Audacity and EasyPodcast. Audacity has some nice features, like removing background noise, but I think the key is a professional microphone, which I'll be getting before I do volume 2.

Don Anderson said...

Great news about BAD KARMA, Dave. I'm still anxiously waiting for my copy of SMALL CRIMES to arrive from Serpent's Tail.