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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Julius Katz readers might want to pre-order The Tenth Wish

The Tenth Wish isn't a PI novel or mystery. Instead it's a contemporary fantasy in which a young woman finds a genie's lamp and the adventures that follow. So why might Julius Katz readers like this book?

The Tenth Wish is a tick or two lighter than my Julius Katz stories (although it veers at times into territory that's every bit as dark as my noir novels), but given everything I've written it compares closest in tone and humor to my Julius Katz writings. I think readers are going to find this book a lot of fun and exiting, and my genie, Jack, has more than a bit of Archie in him (as well as some Mr. Sheffield from The Nanny and some James Bond.)

The kindle version will be released on Feb. 21 and is available for pre-order now . A paperback edition will also be made available Feb. 21st (maybe a day or two earlier). The price for the kindle version will be $2.99 until Feb 28th, and then will be set to $5.99.

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