Friday, January 2, 2015

Some more Demon reviews

WBUR Artery has its say

As does author Paul Tremblay

And a Regular Guy Reading Noir

Kingdom Books too.

Readers have also been finding Demons compulsively readable and a lot of fun. Here's what one reader from LibraryThing has to say:

"This was really fun. I haven't read a book that felt so compulsively readable for quite some time (and, like most LibraryThing members, I read a lot). The title pretty much tells you what to expect content-wise. Stylistically, the writing seemed excellent. Fans of Stephen King will very likely enjoy this one, although the tone felt a little lighter. Recommended for horror fans looking for something fun to devour in a couple of days."

And here are two recent reviews from Goodreads:

"Really good. I think this might be young adult but it's easily adult too. I was skeptical when I read the reviews but it was fast and funny and hard to put down."

"Very PG-13 for a high school classroom book, but I loved it. The protagonist has a great voice! I plan to check out the other books by this author"

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