Sunday, November 30, 2014

Julius Katz and the Case of a Sliced Ham

In the new novella, Julius Katz and the Case of a Sliced Ham (included The Julius Katz Collection), the ham in question is an actor who was stabbed to death. Given that murder occurred during theater rehearsals, the culprit has to be either the director or one of the four other actors in the production. With no useful evidence, Julius is left having to try squeeze the truth from a group of professional liars in order to catch the murderer, making this his most challenging case yet!

Along with this novella, all six previously published Julius Katz stories have been included in the collection, giving readers a Shamus, Derringer, and two Ellery Queen Readers Choice award-winning stories, along with 350 fun and enjoyable pages of Julius and his very unusual sidekick, Archie.

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