Sunday, August 17, 2014

Readers on The Interloper

What Amazon readers have been saying about THE INTERLOPER

"Dave Zeltserman is one of the most versatile authors around, and the three connected novellas in this book are examples of hardboiled storytelling at its best"

"If you enjoy fast-paced, plot-driven, DARK crime fiction, then this is for you"

"Nonstop action... Every page is explosive"

"This book truly shows that Zeltserman is a great author no matter what genre he chooses to write. Great book."

"The Interloper is a seamlessly successful assassin story full of exciting twists and turns that will keep you guessing almost as fast as it keeps you turning pages."

"I am so impressed with the way Zeltserman takes noir characters to levels not even Jim Thompson or Charles Willeford could manage."

"The tale itself is complicated and multifaceted in both the primary and secondary story lines. A mix of psychological nuance and guns blazing action."

"I also had the rare experience of turning the final page of that third novella and finding myself so caught up in the work that I was both surprised and disappointed that it was over. That doesn't happen very often anymore for this voracious reader, and it's a testament to Zeltserman's talent that I was once again able to experience that."

"Very entertaining piece of escapist noir. If you like Donald Westlake, you should enjoy this"

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