Monday, April 15, 2013

More of my ebooks: Horror

I've got four very different types of horror ebook novels: quiet, explosive, gothic Frankenstein-retelling, and a thriller that straddles the line between horror and crime.

THE CARETAKER OF LORNE FIELD is my quiet horror novel. It was short listed for best horror novel of 2010 by the American Library Association and was a Black Quill nominee for best dark genre book of the year. Publisher's Weekly in a starred review called it "a superb mix of humor and horror". Booklist called it a "superbly crafted horror story." Overlook Press has made it available for $12.99.

The best way to describe BLOOD CRIMES is think of Pulp Fiction mixed with vampires--and the vampires here are not sparkly ones! This is a full blown horror, crime and noir. Ed Gorman said of BLOOD CRIMES: 'I've just read the manuscript of Dave Zeltserman's new novel, BLOOD CRIMES. This is one of the few fresh takes on vampirism I've read in years. It's as if Charles Bukowski sat down and said, OK, Bram Stoker, how about this?' BLOOD CRIMES is available for $3.99.

MONSTER was picked by WBUR Radio (NPR BOSTON) as one of the 10 best novels of 2012, and is a gothic retelling of Frankenstein. Or is it also a gothic retelling of 120 Days of Sodom? Booklist in a starred review said of MONSTER: "This is juicy material for Franken-fans, and Zeltserman is just faithful enough to the original that his many fresh contributions feel entirely normal. Well, abnormal, to be accurate, but deliciously so." Overlook Press has made MONSTER available for $11.99.

BAD THOUGHTS is one of the two novels included in THE SHANNON NOVELS, which I included as one of my ebook crime thrillers. Edgar-winner Steve Hamilton said of BAD THOUGHTS: "Dark, brutal, captivating -- this is one hell of a book, the kind of book that doesn't let go of you once you start it. Dave Zeltserman is clearly the real deal." BAD THOUGHTS is available for $3.99.

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