Monday, November 12, 2012

UK cover for MONSTER

Duckworth's cover is similar to the US cover with some small tweaks, but I like what they did. I also like the book description they came up with:

Monster cleverly – and chillingly – reanimates a classic tale. Friedrich Hoffman, the so-called monster, recounts how he was falsely accused of killing his fiancĂ©e, tortured and killed for his ‘crime’, and awoke on the lab table of Victor Frankenstein – a man with all manner of gruesome plans. We see inside Friedrich’s mind as he embarks on a single-minded quest for vengeance; but at what cost to the remnants of his humanity?

Intense and gothic, Monster depicts nineteenth-century Europe in a blaze of depravity, excess and supernatural terrors, in an ingenious tribute to one of literature’s greatest works.

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