Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Stylish Recommendation for MONSTER

Style Magazine gives MONSTER a nice recommendation in their Then & Now section, saying:

Monster is a retelling of Frankenstein – from the monster’s point of view. Zeltserman, an award-winning up-and-comer in the horror world, remains faithful to the framework of the original Mary Shelley classic, but colors between the lines with shades of revenge and desperation that make for a gripping retelling of a classic favorite.

I'd also like to thank James Simpson, who I'm guessing is my biggest fan in Australia, for his review on Book Coasters, which he sums up with the following: "A must read novel for fans of the classic horror tale or anyone who is just after a really good read."

Finally, Publisher's Weekly might've been late with a review for MONSTER, but they put out a good one as a web-exclusive where they called MONSTER "a rich and fun response to Shelley's classic" 

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