Thursday, September 29, 2011

More on the film deal for A Killer's Essence

From today's Publisher's Marketplace:

"Dave Zeltserman's A KILLER'S ESSENCE, a homicide detective looking into a remarkably violent murder finds his only witness is a neurologically disabled recluse able to see into the souls of others -- and as more murders occur, the witness proves terrifyingly perceptive, to Martina Broner and Frida Torresblanco at Braven Films"

Film deals are always a crap shoot, but with how passionate Frida and the rest of Braven Films are about my book, I feel pretty good that a film version of A Killer's Essence will be made. Back in May my wife and I met with Frida for several hours in NY to talk about this, and the deal might've taken a little longer than I might've hoped to come together, but it's done now and I'm looking forward to seeing how this progresses, and I'd like to thank my agent, Chip MacGregor at MacGregor Literary for seeing this through. A little bit about Frida, before starting Braven Films, she produced many terrific movies, including Pan's Labyrinth, and I feel confident she's going to make something special with A Killer's Essence.

About the vagaries of film deals--two months I thought I'd be announcing a film deal for The Caretaker of Lorne Field. We had a deal agreed to, but then it slipped away at the last second. But I still have one of the hottest new directors wanting to make it, and a producer working to get a deal put together, so there's still a chance that it will happen.


Peter Andrew Leonard said...

That's awesome, Dave!

Really hope something can come together for Caretaker. Such an amazing book.

Dave Zeltserman said...

Thanks, Andrew. I'm hoping for a Caretaker deal also. The director lined up would make a fantastic movie--plus he wants to stick close to the book. Outside of the film company that backed out after agreeing to a deal, we had one studio want to finance it, but they wanted to make it more of a big budget Independence Day type movie (which I would've been okay with), but the director involved (and who the studio wanted to work with) wants to make the book.