Friday, July 1, 2011

"the best crime novel I have read in the last year"

I'd like to thank David Kanell at Kingdom Books for his early thoughts on A Killer's Essence. The book won't be out until September 1st, but Kingdom Books is a great place to contact if you want signed copies of any of my other books. And if you're looking for an ebook to tide you over, I'd like to suggest three very different mystery/crime titles.

Julius Katz and Archie has a classic traditional mystery feel, but with a unique twist that makes it unlike any mystery you've read. The consensus so far is that this is highly enjoyable, charming and a lot fun. Appropriate for any mystery reader. Or really any reader.

Dying Memories is a pure thriller with lots of twists and turns, a plot that will keep you guessing and is appropriate for any thriller reader.

Blood Crimes is a high octane thrill ride of a book. People who claim they hate vampire books still love this one. Ultra noir, violent and extreme horror. The anti-Twilight! You've been warned!!

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