Friday, November 12, 2010

Australian on Outsourced plus more

The Australian reviews a bunch of crime novels today, including Lehane's Moonlight Mile and my own Outsourced. Here's what they have to say about Outsourced:

DAVE Zeltserman is one of the new, highly original voices in crime fiction, his writing spare, disciplined and concrete. His plots are as original as anyone writing hard-boiled fiction with an attractive noir edge, and always grimly entertaining. Like his characters. Outsourced, already being turned into a movie, follows an all-too-human bunch of outsourced software engineers who have no job prospects and no long-term insurance but do possess a plan. They are going to use their computing skills to rob a bank, and Zeltserman delivers a finely paced, witty and stylish take on the heist caper novel. More than most authors churning out mysteries, Zeltserman is fully steeped in the conventions of crime fiction. He remains absolutely his own hard man.

A couple of more reviews of Caretaker have shown up on the blogosphere continuing the trend of folks really digging this book.

from Yvonne the Librarian:

This book is a great character study. You work alongside the Caretaker as he slaves through the pain of his aging body, the ridicule of all those he knows, and the burden of believing, knowing, that the fate of the entire world is on your shoulders. It’s a great story of tradition clashing with the modern world. Sometimes traditions exist for a reason…sometimes they are just traditions without a real reason at all…

Read Yvonne's review here

And Andre Harden also has his say.

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kaye said...

I like the fascinating clash with the modern world that this novel is trying to point out.