Friday, October 8, 2010

Somehow this slipped by

Not sure when this Booklist review came out for Killer, but I just found it.

Leonard March is a contract killer and a survivor. Zeltserman develops his protagonist skillfully, building a complex picture of a highly intelligent man forced to examine, test, and confront the boundaries of his self-defined morality. While most of the story is set in the present, following March’s release from a 14-year prison term, it also fluidly moves around in time as March describes the events that have shaped his life within the world of organized crime. He takes pride in his deadly competence and his range of highly specialized skills. Zeltserman’s choice of first-person narrative, chilling but often laced with noir humor, works perfectly, leaving it for the reader to decide if March the man is evil or a soldier doing a job. --Elliott Swanson

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