Monday, August 16, 2010

Morning Star -- Lives up to the Hype!

Sunday's edition of the London newspaper, The Morning Star, reviewed Outsourced:

"A group of New England software engineers who have been discarded by their employers due to outsourcing decide the only way to continue living up to the "American dream" is to use their skills to rob a bank.

It all goes wrong when innocent people are shot and the safety deposit boxes that they rob belong to the Russian mafia - who now seem obligatory in any US crime novel. Add into the mix a hangdog local cop, friction with the FBI and the US mafia, and the ingredients are there for a great story.

Bodies mount up as the double dealing and revenge gather apace. The blurb on the book describes it as a "fast-paced, edge-of-your seat crime novel," and it really does live up to the hype. Add this to your holiday reading list for a piece of escapism."

And so the streak continues!


Naomi Johnson said...

I probably overlooked it, but when is this due out in the US?

Dave Zeltserman said...

Feb. 2011

Sam said...

The comment about Russian mafia being obligatory in any US crime novel now has me second-guessing my inclusion of them in my dog-fighting novel.

Dave Zeltserman said...

Sam, I wrote this originally in 2004 before Russian mafia became ubiquitous in crime fiction. The hazards of it taking years to get your books sold.