Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Killer Review + Killer Recommendation

The NerdofNoir makes it a hat trick with his review of Killer:

"This is arguably the quietest and most intimate of the trilogy, it is neither the riding-shotgun-with-a-psychopath hell ride that was Pariah nor a twistily plotted, emotionally devasting shocker like Small Crimes. There’s plenty of violence and the ending takes a stark turn that is extremely dark and satisfying, but this is the most character study-esque novel of the trio. Also, though March may have the highest body count of the three novels’ protagonists, he is arguably the most sympathetic...Killer caps off one of the more striking runs in crime fiction of recent years, a series that was consistently darker, bleaker and more violent than practically anything else out there right now."

The complete review can be found here.

Thanks Nerd!

Also, I'd like to thank Patrick Milliken over at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore for making Killer one of his hardboiled picks of the month.

And finally, this Thursday at 7 pm, Paul Tremblay and I will be making an appearance at one of my favorite bookstores, Back Page Books in Waltham, where Paul will be reading from his excellent No Sleep Till Wonderland, while I'll be reading from my Waltham-based, Killer. After the reading if there's enough interest we'll also be giving a quick Kung Fu demonstration (although Paul doesn't know this part yet).

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